Creditor interests

When companies get into crisis, there are always a number of creditors who are at risk of losing all or part of their debts. It is very important to get qualified representation very early in the process to secure the creditor rights.

At Mazanti-Andersen we have extensive experience with representing creditors in insolvent companies. We thus represent some of the largest banks in Denmark in relation to claims against insolvent companies. There is a longstanding and extensive cooperation, especially during the financial crisis. In some cases, the permanent curators appointed by the Maritime and Commercial Court selected as reconstructors or the receivers based on this representation of creditors.

We advise within the following areas:

  • Creditor rights in relation to insolvent companies
  • Participation in treatments of reconstruction on behalf of creditors
  • Filing of petitions in bankruptcy and representation of creditors’ meetings
  • Continuous monitoring of the receivership