Whether you are owner, creditor or employee, economic crisis means uncertainty. The processes are often very stressful and hectic. It is therefore important to quickly identify the best possible solution for the business and act to minimise any losses suffered by the parties involved.

One of the solutions can be to reconstruct or restructure the company. Here, the biggest challenge is to navigate in an environment of changing buyers and shifting conditions. Success requires focused cooperation to secure the business a viable future within a tight timeframe.

At Mazanti-Andersen we have many years of experience within reconstruction of companies. Three of our partners have been appointed by the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court as permanent trustees and official receivers in bankruptcies and in matters relating to the compulsory restructuring or liquidation of companies.

We provide legal counselling within all areas of insolvency issues:

  • Acting as liquidators appointed by creditors
  • Acting as trustees in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Acting as supervisors in re-structuring proceedings
  • Actions for reversal brought by or against bankruptcy estates
  • Adjudication of claims
  • Assisting creditors in managing creditor interests
  • Filing petitions for bankruptcy
  • Participating in liquidation committees on behalf of creditors
  • Submission of demands


The team is service minded, and has a high level of knowledge. They are experts with wide knowledge. The team is very pragmatic and solution oriented.

The firm’s strength is their highly professional standards as well as years of experience.

Mazanti-Andersen is very experienced in the insolvency field in general. The team's very good in-depth knowledge of its cases makes its solutions very well founded.

It is a very effective and sophisticated team.

The team is known for its longstanding presence in the market, earning praise for its strong caseload of complex mandates

The team's very pragmatic and their solution-oriented approach makes us always feel that we achieve the best possible result