Dispute Resolution

We conduct numerous cases for Danish courts on all levels, here among The Supreme Court, and we assist Danish clients in working together with our local colleagues in international trials. Additionally, we conduct arbitration cases in The Danish Institute of Arbitration, ICC, and The Danish Building and Construction Arbitration Board among others.

Therefore, we have in-depth knowledge about the formal legal and practical framework for structuring and presenting a case in order to get the best possible outcome. We lead our clients through a trial or arbitration case in a safe and experienced manner, and ensure a cost efficient and goal-oriented proces With some of Denmark’s most complicated and high-profile cases under our belt, we’ve become one of the preferred law firms in the country to help out with similar cases.

We work in interdisciplinary teams and can therefore draw on relevant expertise from our other legal areas, but the partner in charge of the case will always remain your main contact and carry the responsibility.   

Our process attorneys represent clients in four of the seven large law suits filed by the Danish state against former executives of a number of Danish banks that went bankrupt following the financial crisis.