Insolvency & Estate Administration

When a company is financially challenged, it’s crucial to act in a fast, but also competent manner, leaving a sense of security for both employees, owners, and creditors. Therefore, in an effort to limit losses and get the best possible outcome for our clients, we always like to get involved in the early stages of a case.

Mazanti works closely with the most important banks in Denmark on insolvency cases, and two of our partners are appointed by the Maritime and Commercial Court as permanent trustees. This means that they are public representatives in bankruptcy estates and in cases involving forced liquidation of companies.

Additionally, some of our partners have been appointed trustees in numerous major bankruptcy complexes, including the following: Accumulator Invest / Klaus Riskær Pedersen, Margarinefabrikken Grønvang, Stones Invest A/S, Erik Damgaard Portfolio Investor, etc.

We provide legal advice to creditors in all aspects of insolvency law, including:


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