Attorney-at-law, Partner

Martin Rothe

Specialises in



The commercial, corporate and M&A practice of Mazanti-Andersen is outstanding. We appreciate the collaboration greatly and find the practice both value-creating and solution-oriented. The venture capital team of Mazanti-Andersen is the best in town.

The team excelled in communicating with each other – always up to date on the M&A process, challenges, status, and ‘need to know’ for the specialist involved. All members of the team were professional, competent, and proactive in keeping a speedy process.

Career and education

  • 2022
    Partner (equity), Mazanti-Andersen
  • 2019
    Partner, Németh Sigetty
  • 2016
    Partner, Skau Reipurth & Partnere
  • 2011
    Director, Deloitte
  • 2010
    Attorney-at-law, Kromann Reumert
  • 2008
    Attorney-at-law, Danica Pension
  • 2005
    Junior Associate, Kromann Reumert
  • 2005
    Master of Laws, University of Copenhagen