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Attorney-at-law, Partner

Louise Gjessing Lund Jensen

Louise Gjessing Lund Jensen is specialised within construction law and dispute resolution. She assists contractors, private and public developers, as well as technical advisors and engineers in matters related to construction law before, during, and after the construction process, and in any subsequent disputes.

Specialises in

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Birthe Brems

+45 6314 1431 bbr@mazanti.dk

Career and education

  • 2023
    Partner, Mazanti-Andersen
  • 2022
    Admitted to the High Court
  • 2021
    Director, Mazanti-Andersen
  • 2019
    Attorney-at-law, Mazanti-Andersen
  • 2018
    Attorney-at-law, Bonnesen Advokater
  • 2018
    Junior associate, Bonnesen Advokater
  • 2015
    Junior associate, Kielberg Advokater
  • 2015
    Master of Laws (LL.M.)