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Attorney-at-law, Partner

Lars Hammer Wentoft (H)

Lars Hammer Wentoft advises on commercial law with a focus on advice regarding litigation and arbitration, national and international contractual matters, company law, crowdfunding and environmental law.

Lars Hammer Wentoft teaches environmental law on various courses and is co-author of a book on contaminated soil published in 2015.

Specialises in

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Lene Hedegaard Petersen

+45 3319 3726

Career and education

  • 2018
    Partner, Mazanti-Andersen
  • 2015
    Associated partner, Mazanti-Andersen
  • 2014
    Admitted to the High Court
  • 2011
    Attorney-at-law, Mazanti-Andersen
  • 2008
    Master of Law
  • 2007
    Queensland University of Technology